Republic Act No. 6649




Republic of the Philippines
Congress of the Philippines

Metro Manila

Eighth Congress

March 11, 1988


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

Section 1. Title of the Act. This Act shall be known as The Regional Consultative Commission Act of 1988 for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao."

Sec. 2. Purpose of the Commission. It is the purpose of the Regional Consultative Commission to assist in the enactment by Congress of the Organic Act for the Autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 3. Composition of the Commission. To carry out the above purpose, and considering ethno-linguistic, geographical, sectoral, educational and cultural factors, there is hereby created the Regional Consultative Commission, hereinafter referred to as the "Commission," which shall be composed for not more than fifty-five (55) members, twenty-seven (27) of whom shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines from a list of nominees proposed by the different multisectoral bodies coming from the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte, North Cotabato, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, Davao del Sur, South Cotabato, and Palawan, as well as the chartered city of Zamboanga and the component cities therein: provided, that each of the twenty-seven (27) legislative districts in the abovementioned provinces and city shall have one (1) representative who shall be a resident thereof; provided, further, that the enumeration of the aforementioned provinces and city shall not mean that all or any them constitute Muslim Mindanao as the term appears in Sections 15 and 19 of Article of the Constitution: provided, furthermore, that the President may, at her own discretion, appoint not more than twenty-eight (28) other sectoral representatives to the Commission from the proposed area of autonomy; provided finally, that all nominees to the Regional Consultative Commission shall be subject to confirmation by the Commission on Appointments and the ethnic groups shall be properly represented.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 4. Qualification. No. person shall be appointed member of the Commission unless he is natural-born citizen of the Philippines, at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of his appointment, a resident of the region for at least five (5) years immediately preceding the appointment, a qualified voter or one who would qualify as such, and of recognized probity, integrity, independence and nationalism.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 5. Disqualification. The following are disqualified from being members of the Commission:

a) Persons disqualified under the Constitution, and existing laws;cralaw

b) Persons convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.cjuris

Sec. 6. Oath or affirmation. Members of the Commission shall qualify and assume office by taking the following oath or affirmation:

"I,___________________________________ having been appointed to the position of 
Member of the Regional Consultative Commission, do solemnly swear (or affirm) 
that I will well and faithfully discharge to the best of my ability the duties
of my present position to assist Congress in the enactment of an organic act for 
Muslim Mindanao that is truly reflective of the ideals and aspirations of the 
people of Muslim Mindanao, that I will obey the laws and legal orders promulgated
by the duly constituted authorities and maintain true faith and allegiance to the 
Republic of the Philippines; and that I impose this obligation upon myself 
voluntarily, without reservation or purpose of evasion.
So help me God."
Provided, that in case of affirmation, this sentence may be omitted. 

Sec. 7. Organization. (a) The office of the President of the Philippines shall take charge of all arrangements for the convening of the Regional Consultative Commission.

(b) The Commission shall be convened by the President of the Philippines or her duly authorized representative within fifteen (15) days after the approval for this Act. The opening session shall be held in the City of Zamboanga at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, or in such other date and place as may be fixed by the President.

(c) The President of the Philippines or her duly authorized representative shall preside at its opening session until a presiding officer is elected by the Commission. The Commission shall be deemed organized upon the election and qualification of a Chairman and presiding officer.

(d) A majority of all its members shall constitute a quorum to do business, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day and compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as the Commission may provide.

(e) The Commission may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and with the concurrence of two-thirds of all its members, expel a member.

(f) While not attending sessions, the Commissioners shall hold office in their respective districts. The Commission Secretariat shall be based in the City of Zamboanga, or in such other place as may fixed by the Commission.

(g) The plenary sessions of the Commission shall be public and duly recorded.t shall hold its sessions in the City of Zamboanga, or in such other place as may be fixed by the Commission, provided that the Commission or any of its committees may also held sessions in the City of Cotabato or in such other place in the Philippines that the Commission or any of its committees may determine.

Consultations with committees of either House of Congress shall be held at heir respective seats in Metropolitan Manila.

(h) The buildings of the Sangguniang Pampook and their premises in the cities of Zamboanga and Cotabato are hereby made available for the use of the Commission.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 8. Filing of Vacancies. Whenever a vacancy occurs in the Commission, the President may, upon the certification by the Chairman of the Commission, fill the vacancy by appointment, with the consent of the Commission on Appointments, after consultation with the group or sector represented by the member whose seat has become vacant.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 9. Parliamentary Immunities. (a) A member at of the Commission shall, in all offenses punishable by not more than six (6) years imprisonment, be privileged from arrest while the Commission is in session.

(b) A member of the Commission shall not be questioned nor held liable in any other place for any speech or debate in the Commission, in any committee thereof, or in any public hearing conducted by the Commission or any committee hereof whenever held.

(c) The penalties imposed in Articles 143, 144 and 145 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, for offenses defined therein shall apply to any person committing an offense against the Commission or it committees; or subcommittees, or to members thereof.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 10. Responsibilities and Functions of the Commission. Pursuant to the mandate of the Commission, Congress shall enact an organic act for the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao with the assistance of the Regional Consultative Commission, and for this purpose:

(a) The Commission shall conduct public consultations and hearings at the district level and on regional basis, where the views and recommendation of various sectors, both governmental and non-governmental, shall be taken and recorded.

(b) The Commission may organize any number of committees it may deem necessary for the purpose.

(c) The record of the deliberations during the public hearings, including draft resolutions submitted, shall be open to public inspection under such guidelines as the Commission may deem reasonable and necessary.

(d) Within one hundred fifty (150) days from its convening the Commission shall submit to Congress for its information and consideration, periodic reports aside from its final report relative to the proposed organic act. The final draft of the report of the Commission shall be approved by a majority of all the members of the Commission.cjuris

Sec. 11. Congressional Liaison. In order to ensure coordination between Congress and the Commission, there is hereby created a special ad hoc committee composed of five (5) members each from the Senate and the House of Representatives to be designated by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively, The ad hoc committees shall be co-chaired by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government and the Chairman of the House Committee on Local Government.t shall be the purpose and function of the committee to oversee the work of the Commission.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 12. Enactment of the Organic Act. Congress shall enact an organic act, taking into account the report and recommendations submitted by the Commission. Nothing provided in this Act, however, shall be interpreted to restrict or impair the power of Congress to accept, modify or reject any part or all the report and recommendations of the Commission.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 13. Tenure. The Commission shall cease to exist sixty (60) days after the submission of its final report as provided in Sec. 10 hereof.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 14. Staffing. The Commission shall be responsible for maintaining its own Secretariat as well as such other staff as it may deem necessary. Except those detailed from other government offices, the tenure of office of the regular staff of the Secretariat shall be coterminous with the tenure of the Commission.

Each Commissioner shall also be entitled to a personal staff of three (3) composed of an executive assistant, a secretary and a technical assistant whose tenure of office shall be coterminous with the tenure of office of the Commissioner.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 15. Compensation. Each member shall be entitled to a per diem of five hundred pesos (P500.00) for each day of attendance in the Commission or any of its committees, and a cost of living allowance of five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) per month, and actual travelling expenses not exceeding five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) per month.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 16. Funding. The sum of twenty million pesos (P20,000,000.00) is hereby appropriated out of any funds in the National Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to carry out the purposes for which this Commission is established.chanrobles virtualaw library

Sec. 17. Separability Clause. If any part or provision of this Act is declared invalid or unconstitutional, the other parts or provisions thereof shall remain valid and effective upon its publication in at least two newspapers of general circulation.

Approved: March 11, 1988.

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