Republic Act No. 3751





Section 1. The incumbent Governor, the two Members of the House of Representatives, the Mayor of Laoag, the Division Superintendent of Schools, the Provincial Treasurer, the Provincial Auditor, the District Highway Engineer, and the Provincial Fiscal of ILocos Norte are hereby constituted into a body corporate to be known as the Ilocos Norte Educational and Cultural Association, hereinafter called the INECA. The association shall have its principal office in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the INECA:

(a) to collaborate with the Commission on Parks and Wildlife in the establishment of provincial and municipal parks, monuments, game refuges, bird sanctuaries and game farms in the Province of Ilocos Norte;

(b) To provide for the administration and maintenance of provincial and municipal parks, monuments, game refuges, bird sanctuaries and game farms in the said province;

(c) to establish, operate and maintain athletic stadia, educational, cultural or recreation centers, and other similar facilities;

(d) to hold educational, cultural or art exhibits as well as expositions of agricultural, horticultural, industrial and commercial products, inventions and other similar articles;

(e) to manage the celebration of town fiestas and similar festivities with the end in view of not only keeping such celebrations within reasonable bounds and with a minimum of expenses, but also make them as much as possible as movements or drives for progress of the people;

(f) to charge a fee for admission to any of its exhibits or expositions, or for the use of any recreational or athletic facility operated and maintained by it;

(g) to accept donations of real property, money or kind in furtherance of its objectives;

(h) to promulgate rules and regulations regarding the use and enjoyment of the facilities established and/or administered by it;

(i) to make expenditures, subject to existing laws and regulations governing the disbursement of government funds, for the establishment, care, improvement, development and maintenance of all parks, monuments, preserves, sanctuaries, athletic stadia and other recreational facilities under its control;

(j) to undertake, with the collaboration of the Presidential Assistant on Community Development, self-help projects specially those along the lines hereinabove mentioned;

(k) to take charge of the traditional celebration every year of the "Ipon Festival" which marks the first entry of the "bukto" fry from the sea into the different rivers in the province, during which celebration the people welcome the incoming small fish as guests to be preserved until they are big enough for food, thereby impressing them of their legal as well as civic duty to protect fresh water fish resources of the province especially this major source of fish supply, against illegal fishing;

(l) to contribute whatever it can by way of financial aid to, or of civic campaign among the people in, forest conservation or reforestation especially in areas with possibilities for the establishment of parks or other recreational facilities;

(m) to promote or aid in the promotion of tourism in the province by developing natural beauty or historical spots, and providing facilities in whatever form for the convenience or comfort of tourists;

(n) to reach the people down to the remotest rural areas through barrio councils under the leadership of the mayors, and through the teachers under the leadership of the Division Superintendent of Schools, in order to obtain their cooperation in promoting the objectives herein above set forth.

The Ablan Memorial Hall and the social or recreational centers in Ermita Hill, Laoag, the Gaang beach resort in Currimao, the Batac Athletic Stadium, and all other recreation centers or establishments owned by the Province of Ilocos Norte, whether constructed with provincial or national funds shall be under the exclusive administration and management of the INECA.

Sec. 3. The affairs and business of the INECA shall be managed by a Board of Trustees composed of the Governor as Chairman, the Division Superintendent of Schools as vice-chairman, and the following as members; the Vice-Governor; the Mayor of Laoag; the Mayor chosen by the mayors in each of the two representative districts of the province; the District Highway Engineer; the Provincial Fiscal; the Provincial Commander; the presidents of the provincial chapters of the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Women's Club, and the one prominent private citizen to be appointed by the President of the Philippines upon the recommendation of the Board. The positions of Chairman, Vice-chairman, and members of the Board of Trustees are honorary in character without any compensation attached to them except that in the case of the executive Director as hereinafter provided, he shall receive salary as fixed by the Board which shall not be diminished during his incumbency.

All mayors other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph of this section shall be ex-officio members of the Board of Trustees who may sit in the meetings of the Board but without the right to vote.

The Provincial Treasurer and Provincial Auditor of Ilocos Norte shall act as treasurer and auditor, respectively, of the INECA.

The President of the Philippines shall, upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees and subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Law, appoint an executive director who shall have the active charge and administration of all parks, monuments, game preserves and sanctuaries, athletic stadia, and other facilities under the control of the INECA. The executive director who shall also be a member of the Board not only shall have experience in office management but shall also be known for his honesty and civic activities.

Subordinate employees shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Executive Director and that they cannot be removed except for cause. Laborers working in provincial parks and receiving wages or salaries from the provincial government upon the passage of this Act shall not be removed except for cause and shall continue to perform their duties under the supervision and control to the Association.

Sec. 4. Fees and other income of the INECA shall be considered as public funds and shall constitute a revolving fund for the construction, establishment, operation, maintenance, or improvement of parks, monuments, game preserve and sanctuaries, athletic stadia, tourist accommodations, and other recreational facilities in Ilocos Norte. Pursuant to this objective, the INECA may use the funds for the purchase of real and/or personal property. All expenditures shall be made on the authority of the Board of Trustees and actual disbursements done by the Executive Director with the concurrence of the Provincial Treasurer and the Provincial Auditor.

Sec. 5. Any person who shall deface, mutilate, destroy or remove or who, without any authority or permission from the INECA, shall plant, construct or erect, any monument or any improvement, including trees, plants or shrubs, in any public park, athletic stadium, game refuge and farm and bird sanctuary or in any other establishment under the administration of the INECA shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred pesos, or by imprisonment of not more than six months.

Sec. 6. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: June 22, 1963

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