Presidential Decree No. 1566




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WHEREAS, the Filipino has always endured the hardship of a hostile environment;

WHEREAS, he has continually sought survival against typhoons, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, fires and other major calamities;

WHEREAS, the technological advances of the modern world have ushered in more lethal weaponry, environmental pollution, huge aerial and maritime disasters, and flash holocausts;

WHEREAS, there is an urgent need to direct, control, and coordinate the entire manpower material, monetary and spiritual resources of the entire Filipino nation in meeting major disasters that come our way;

WHEREAS, there is a need for a revitalized system to enhance the survival capability and economic stability of our country supported by LOI 453 against all types of disasters whether natural or man-made;

WHEREAS, there is a cogent requirement for pre-disaster planning, community disaster preparedness and positive, precise disaster control action for rescue evacuation, relief and rehabilitation to insure the survival of every Filipino in the New Society;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby decree and order;

Section 1. Declaration of Policy. It is the policy of the State that:

a. Self-reliance shall be developed by promoting and encouraging the spirit of self-help and mutual assistance among the local officials and their constituents;

b. Each political and administrative subdivision of the country shall utilize all available resources in the area before asking for assistance from neighboring entities or higher authority;

c. The primary responsibility rests on the government agencies in the affected areas in coordination with the people themselves;

d. It shall be the responsibility of all government departments, bureaus, agencies and instrumentalities to have documented plans of their emergency functions and activities;

e. Planning and operation shall also be done on the barangay level in an inter-agency, multi-sectoral basis to optimize the utilization of resources;

f. On the absence of a duly constituted regional government, national government offices at the regional level shall be led and operationally controlled by the Regional Commissioner or by the official so designated by the President;

g. Responsibility for leadership rests on the Provincial Governor, City Mayors, and Municipal Mayors, (and Barangay Chairman), each according to his area of responsibility;

h. When an emergency affects an area covering several towns and cities, the city mayors and their personnel and facilities shall be placed under the operational control of the Provincial Governor for the duration of the emergency;

i. The national government exists to support the local government. In time of emergencies and according to their level of assignment, all national government offices in the field shall support the operations of the local government; and

j. To ensure that operational activities become automatic and second nature to all concerned, exercises and periodic drills shall be conducted at all levels, principally at the Barangays.

Sec. 2. National Disaster Coordinating Council.

There is hereby created the National Disaster Coordinating Council to be composed of the following;

Secretary, Department of NationalDefense Chairman
Secretary, Department of Public Works and Transportation & Communications Member
Secretary, Department of Social Services and Development Member
Secretary, Department of Agriculture Member
Secretary, Department of Education and Culture Member
Secretary, Department of Finance Member
Secretary, Department of Labor Member
Secretary, Department of Justice Member
Secretary, Department of Trade Member
Secretary, Department of Local Government and Community Development Member
Secretary, Department of Health Member
Secretary, Department of Natural Resources Member
Secretary, Department of Public Information Member
Commissioner, Budget Commission Member
Presidential Executive Assistant Member
Presidential Assistant on General Gov'ts. Member
Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines Member
Secretary-General, Philippine National Red Cross Member
Administrator, Office of Civil Defense Member and Executive Officer

a. The Council shall advise the President on the status of preparedness programs disaster operations and rehabilitation efforts undertaken by the government and private sectors; and

b. The Council, in discharging its functions, shall utilize the facilities and services of the Office of Civil Defense in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Sec. 3. Organization of the Regional Level. At the regional level, there shall be constituted a Regional Disaster Coordinating Council with Regional Commissioner or the official so designated by the President as Chairman. The Council shall be composed of the executives of regional offices and field stations at the regional level. The Council shall establish an operating facility to be known as the Regional Disaster Operations Center.

Sec. 4. Organization of the Local Government Level. The organization for coordination or disaster and/or emergency operations in all local political and administrative subdivisions are hereby prescribed as follows:

a. In Metropolitan Manila, there is hereby constitutional a Metropolitan Manila Disaster Coordinating Council. The Metropolitan Manila Governor shall determine the composition of the Council and may designate as action officer for disaster operations. The Council shall establish an operating facility to be known as the Metropolitan Manila Disaster Operations Center;

b. At the provincial level, there is hereby constituted the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council, with the Provincial Governor as Chairman. The Provincial Superintendent of the Integrated National Police shall be the Vice-Chairman and Action Officer of the Council. The Council shall be further composed of all organic provincial officials as well as National Officials assigned to the province. The Council shall establish on operating facility to be known as the Provincial Disaster Operations Center; and

c. At the City of Municipal level, there shall be constituted the City/Municipal Disaster Coordinating Councils, with the City/Municipal Mayor as Chairman. The Station Commander of the Integrated National Police shall be the Vice-Chairman and Action Officer of the Council. The Council shall be further composed of organic City/Municipal officials as well as National Officials assigned to the City/Municipality.

Sec. 5. Task The members of the Council shall have the following tasks:

a. The Secretary of National Defense, as Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council shall

1. Convene the Council as often as necessary to effectively coordinate the national efforts on disaster preparedness emergency operations and recovery and rehabilitation activities; and

2. Call on all other departments, bureaus, agencies, instrumentalities and corporations of the government and the private sector for assistance in preparing for, reacting to and recovering from the effects of disasters and civil emergencies;

b. The Civil Defense Administrator, in addition to the functions of his office as enumerated in Letter of Instruction No. 19 dated 31 December 1971 shall:

1. Coordinate the activities and functions of the various agencies and instrumentalities of the National Government and private institutions and civic organizations to implement the policies set by the National Disaster Coordinating Council relative to disaster management;

2. Provide the secretariat services to the National Disaster Coordinating Council

3. Prepare and disseminate disaster control manuals and other publications related to measures on disaster prevention, control and mitigation, and

4. Advise the Chairman on matters concerning disaster management;

c. The Secretary, Department of Local Government and Community Development shall be responsible for overseeing the organization of disaster coordinating councils and the establishment of operation centers of all local governments;

d. The Secretary, Department of Labor shall be responsible for the organization of disaster control groups in all factories and industrial complexes, utilizing the existing safety committee therein;

e. The Secretary, Department of Education and Culture shall be responsible for the organization of disaster control groups and reaction teams in all schools and institutions of learning;

f. The Secretary, Department of Trade shall be responsible for the organization of disaster control groups and reaction teams in large buildings used for commercial and recreational purposes;

g. The Secretary, Department of Social Services and Development shall be responsible in the extension of emergency relief assistance and social services to the victims which will immediately restore them to rehabilitation and a life of normalcy;

h. All members of the National Disaster Coordinating Council shall make available their personnel, facilities and expertise to effectively carry out the functions of the Council.

Sec. 6. Planning for Disaster Operations. The following guidelines shall be observed in all planning activities.

a. A National Disaster and Calamities Preparedness Plan shall be prepared by the Office of Civil Defense for approval by the President;

b. The planning factors and guidelines for all national and government entities shall conform to the approved Disaster and Calamities Preparedness Plan;

c. All implementing plans shall be documented and copies thereof furnished the National Disaster Coordinating Council through the Office of Civil Defense within thirty (30) days from the effectivity of this Decree; and

d. Implementing plans shall be revised and updated as necessary and copies of the updated plan shall be furnished the National Disaster Coordinating Council through the Office of Civil Defense.

Sec. 7. Rules and regulations. The Chairman, National Disaster Coordinating Council, shall issue rules and regulations to implement this Decree.

Sec. 8. Drills and Exercise. Organizational and community drills shall be conducted within sixty (60) days after the effectivity of this Decree, and to be repeated periodically thereafter. Such drills and exercise shall be supervised by the department or agency concerned.

Sec. 9. Funding. In addition to keeping a 2% reserve as provided for in Presidential Decree No. 477, all local government units shall program funds to be used for disaster preparedness which shall include among others, the organization of Disaster Coordinating Councils, the establishment of physical facilities, the equipping and training of disaster action teams.

Section 10. Repealing Clause. All laws, decrees, orders or regulations inconsistent herewith are hereby amended or repealed accordingly.

Section 11. Effectivity. This Decree shall take effect upon approval.

Done in the City of Manila, this 11th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-eight.

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