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Section 1. The present San Jose National High School located in the Municipality of San Jose, Province of Occidental Mindoro, is hereby converted into Occidental Mindoro National College, hereinafter referred to in this Act as the College.

Sec. 2. The College, in addition to technical and vocational education, shall provide and offer baccalaureate courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Fishery, and Bachelor of Science in Forestry.

Sec. 3. No student, provided he/she qualifies in the NCEE test and passes the College Admission Test shall be denied admission to the College by reason of sex, ethnic consideration or religious beliefs.

Sec. 4. The College shall be headed by a Superintendent to be appointed by the President of the Philippines upon recommendation by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports. His salary and other emoluments shall be fixed by the Board of Trustees, subject to P.D. No. 985 and other pertinent budget and compensation laws.

The powers and duties of the Superintendent of the College, in addition to those specifically provided in this Act, shall be those usually pertaining to the office of the president of a state college.

Sec. 5. The governing body of the College shall be the Board of Trustees, to be composed of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports or his duly authorized representative as chairman, the Regional Director of the National Economic and Development Authority, the Superintendent of the College, and four (4) other distinguished citizens of the Province of Occidental Mindoro, who shall be appointed by the President, as members. Of the four (4) appointed members, one shall be an authority in agriculture, one in trade and technology, one in general education, and one in commerce and industry. Of the four members first appointed by the President of the Philippines, one shall serve for one (1) year, one to serve for two (2) years, one to serve for three (3) years, and one to serve for four (4) years. Thereafter, persons appointed to succeed such members shall hold office for a term of four (4) years and until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified. In case of a permanent vacancy, the position shall be filled by the President of the Philippines. Such appointee shall hold office for the unexpired term only.

Sec. 6. A quorum of the Board of Trustees shall consist of a majority of all the members holding office at the time a meeting is called. All processes for the members of the Board of Trustees shall be served on the Superintendent of the College or Secretary thereof.

Sec. 7. The members of the Board of Trustees shall serve without compensation but shall be entitled to an allowance of two hundred pesos (P200.00) per meeting actually attended, but not exceeding six hundred pesos a month and to reimbursement of actual and necessary expenses on other official business as may be authorized by the Board, subject to existing budget laws on honoraria and allowances.

Sec. 8. The Board of Trustees shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) To receive and appropriate for the purposes specified by law such sum as may be provided for the support of the College;

(b) To confer degrees upon successful candidates for graduation of the College, honorary degrees upon persons in recognition of learning, statesmanship and public service;

(c) To prescribe, develop and update a College Admission Test for all applicants for enrollment;

(d) Subject to Civil Service Law, rules and regulations, to confirm appointments made by the Superintendent of the College to the registrar, deans of the different schools or colleges, heads of departments, professors, instructors, lecturers and other employees of the College;

(e) To remove, dismiss or suspend, demote and impose any other penalty and all other disciplinary actions upon erring teachers and employees for cause after the proper investigation and hearing pursuant to the provision of the Civil Service Law;

(f) To prescribe, develop and approve the different curricula of the College upon approval by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports;

(g) To prescribe and modify rules of conduct and discipline for the teachers and employees of the College in accordance with the Civil Service Law, rules and regulations;

(h) To prescribe rules for its government or such rules and regulations not contrary to law and as may be deemed necessary to carry out the purpose and functions of the college.

Sec. 9. There shall be a secretary of the College who shall be appointed by the Superintendent of the College subject however to a confirmation of the Board of Trustees. He shall also be the secretary of the Board of Trustees and shall keep the records of the College and perform duties as may be determined by the Board.

Sec. 10. Heads of bureaus and offices of the national government are hereby authorized to loan or transfer upon request of the Superintendent of the College, such apparatus, equipment or supplies that may be needed by the College and to detail employees for duty therein when in the judgment of the head of the bureau or office concerned, such apparatus, equipment, supplies or the services of such employees can be spared without serious detriment to their offices.

Sec. 11. All parcels of land, buildings, equipment and facilities owned by the San Jose National High School as well as all obligations are hereby transferred to and assumed by the Occidental Mindoro National College.

Sec. 12. All existing appropriations for the San Jose National High School are hereby transferred to the Occidental Mindoro National College, to be disbursed in accordance with the provisions of this Act. The necessary sum for the operation and maintenance of the new college shall be provided for in subsequent General Appropriations Acts, until which time the operations of the institution as a college shall be deferred, provided that its new name shall take effect upon approval of this Act.

Sec. 13. The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports is hereby directed to take such steps as are necessary for the immediate implementation of this Act.

Sec. 14. All laws, decrees, executive orders or regulations contrary to or inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.

Sec. 15. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: June 24, 1983.

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